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Killing the Beast

Stabbing the father
A long sharpened knife
The creature is steaming
With paranoid eyes
His head is exploding
Of this she’s been dreaming
A shivering prey
In anger and screaming

Cutting the cake
Using the dagger
Press up the stake
He’s starting to stagger
Black blood is flooding
Here comes the tide
The beast, he is dying
Killing with pride

The destiny — sealed
Determined she’s acting
Her spirit is strong
Muscles contracting
Her soul isn’t crying
When creatures are dying
Right can’t be wrong
His life won’t be long

Dreaming about it
Since she was a child
Used by insanity
Chained by the wild
Abused and caressed
controlled and oppressed
Beaten, locked in
The ice was too thin

He planned to kill
His scavenging list
She must not talk
Cry like a mist
Grin of the vulture
Looking insane
Death is its culture
Pleasure is pain

She found a Stalker
Guiding her through
Making her self
Esteem start to grow
Time to outburst
Made up her mind
She did it first
Approached from behind

Despair from his veins
Relieving her pains
One stab for you
And one stab for me
All years of lying
Eyes that could see
The devil now dying
At last she is free

Worship her dreams
Completed at last
It’s just what it seems
Part of the past
Predators haunts
Flashes his head
It’s all what she wants
The weird beast is dead

Mikael Bäckman

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Mikael Bäckman

Killing the Beast

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Camper Van Beethoven — New Roman Times

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Elmor James — The Sky is Crying & Blowing the Blues — A History of Blues Harmonica 1926–2002

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