Ansvarig utgivare
& tillhandahållare
Micheles Kindh


Oh No Ono

Blaskan chefredaktör och ansvariga utgivare Dr. Indie intervjuar norska stoltheterna Oh No Ono i vårt oktobernummer. Mina frågor är på svenska och svaren är på engelska. Håll till godo.

Ni har som band börjat få stora framgångar med er smarta snygga new wavepop ute i världen. Vad förväntar sig bandet av den nya skivan?
We expect great things!! We are proud of our album and we do feel that we have something new to offer. Nut just on the Danish scene but internationally speaking as well. So we are convinced that our music can reach big crowds, but hey, it isn't really that predictable a business so who nows..?!
The art of making music is what is important to us, and if people understand us, that’s great, but our primary goal is to continue to satisfy our own musical needs.
Det finns relativt många olika stilar i musiken och den är väldigt dansant. Vad hade ni för idéer att leka med när plattan tillkom?
The project was to make music that could be an alternative to the (boring) pop-mainstream. Generally we just try not to limit ourselves with restrictions like genres, trends etc. That is the only way we can function as a band. So the album is a kind of a statement on what inspired us at that time… And that was danceable, catchy music on the one hand and experimental, border-seeking music on the other hand.
Ni skall ut på turné. Vilket land tycker ni som band har varit roligast att uppträda på scen?
Sweden of course;)....
Each country has different mentalities and advantages that can be inspiring in their own way. It is always great fun to visit a new country and meet the locals!
Som sista fråga. Är ni nöjda som band med mottagandet av nya skivan?
Yes, indeed! In Denmark we received quite a big crowd following our career closely, coming to our shows, buying our records etc… We have only just started releasing the album in other countries, so we can’t really know wether to be satisfied or not there…
Every time we play in a new city or country, we get the privilege of making someone in the audience a bit happier! So we really can’t ask for more … (but we do so anyway) …


Ani DiFranco — Canon

Animal Collective — Strawberry Jam, The Go! Team — Proof of Youth & Tellison — Contact Contact

Annie Lennox — Songs of Massdestruction

Babyshambles — Shotter’s Nation

Bruce Springsteen — Magic

Deborah Harry — Necessary Evil

Diana Krall — The Very Best of Diana Krall & Nina Simone — Remixed and Reimagined

Fink — Distance and Time, September — Dancing Shoes, Bob Sinclar — Soundz of Fredoom, Rooney — Calling the World & Lone Ranger — On the Other Side of Dub

Goodbye Nashville, Hello Camden Town: A Pub Rock Anthology

Hanoi Rocks — Street Poetry

HIM — Venus Doom

Ian Brown — The World Is Yours

Ice Cube — In the Movies, DMX — The Definition of X: Pick of the Litter, Talib Kweli — Ear Drum & Young Buck — Buck the World

Iron & Wine — The Shepherd’s Dog

Jim White — Transnormal Skiperoo

Jonas Game — ADHD

José González — In Our Nature

Kamelot — Ghost Opera (Miss Vampyria)

Kent — Ingenting

Korta musikrecensioner XXXIII

Lars Winnerbäck — Daugaya

Patti Scialfa — Play It as It Lays

Paul Potts — One Chance

PJ Harvey — White Chalk

Primal Fear — New Religion

Simian Mobile Disco — Attack Decay Sustain Release

Siouxsie Sioux — Mantaray

Sleepy Sleepers — Eurowiisut terveisiä perseestä

The Bee Gees — Bee Gees Greatest

The Cult — Born into This

The Proclaimers — Life with You, James Blunt — All the Lost Souls & K. T. Tunstall — Drastic Fantastic

Thunder Express — Republic Disgrace & The Soulshake Express — The Soulshake Express

Torsson — Det fjärde största bandet i Lund (Dr. Indie)

Torsson — Det fjärde största bandet i Lund (Dr. Rock)